Providing A Predictable Process Towards Home Ownership That Saves Time, Money, and Aggravation!


Greg Gale  joined the mortgage industry in 2005. Prior to that, he was a personal trainer and martial arts instructor since 1991. Greg notes that 29 years of martial arts, where persistence, execution, and integrity are the heart of daily practice, was a perfect lead into he role as financial advisor in the mortgage industry. Greg and his team are a full-service loan origination service, committed to providing innovative mortgage solutions and real estate strategies. In his role as team leader, Greg stresses the importance of integrity, a positive attitude, patience, creativity and respect for all things. This team defines communication as one of the single most important elements in a successful loan transaction. They are committed to returning calls promptly, providing regular status updates and being available as needed throughout the process. Greg and his team really listen to client’s needs, and then seek the best possible solutions, more often than not exceeding their clients expectations. The team priority is to create a great client experience.

Are you looking to Purchase a Home? Invest in Real Estate? Build an Empire?

Whether it is your 1st home or 101st home, The Home Buyer Playbook is a clear, concise plan to Home Ownership. Greg Gale has been in the mortgage and lending industry for 15+ years and has helped over 5,000 people save time, money, and aggravation within the mortgage process. Getting a loan is not difficult when you are armed with the right knowledge and a proven strategy. You will learn where to start and step by step how to go through the process. Which loan program is right for you and how do interest rates really work? This is where you can save thousands of dollars. Learn how to build wealth through Real Estate and just like planting a tree, the best time was 20 years ago, the next best time to plant a tree is today. So today is the day to take control of your economic future and learn to build wealth by purchasing and investing in real estate.

This can be for your Primary Residence, Vacation Home, Vacation Rental, or Investment property. Maybe your child is going to college, and you want to purchase a home and his roommates more than cover the mortgage payment. Or maybe you are purchasing your first home and you decide to purchase a 4-plex and live in 1 of the 4 residences so that your down payment is only 3.5% AND the other 3 tenants more than cover your mortgage, taxes, and insurance.

See, Real Estate and Mortgage are the MAC-Daddy vehicle when it comes to investing. With real estate, you can drive to it, see it, touch, feel it. Real Estate will outlive you and create legacy wealth for generations to come in your family. Real Estate create Cash Flow, Tax write-offs, Income and Appreciation. It is the Holy-Grail when it comes to long term investment strategies.


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Kye de Laveaga

After reading Greg’s book, he gave me more than enough information about the in’s and out’s of the industry while describing the programs that could be available to me. I feel much more comfortable in the home buying process and can confidently know what to expect!


We've worked with Greg Gale and his team at Nova Home Loans for years....multiple purchases....multiple re-fi's and will continue to use them. Excellent!

Greg Gale

Greg joined the mortgage industry in 2005. Prior to that, he was a personal trainer and martial arts instructor for 17 years.